Artículo en «El País» de la Dra. Victòria Fumadó y otras noticias

D´ra. Victòria Fumadó

Victoria Fumadó es Directora técnica de la fundación África Viva, investigadora adscrita a la Iniciativa de Salud Materna, Infantil y Reproductiva de ISGlobal y responsable de la Unidad de Enfermedades Infecciosas e Importadas del Servicio de Pediatría del Hospital Universitario Sant Joan de Déu.

La Dra. Victòria Fumadó ha publicado un detallado artículo en «El País» donde repasa detalladamente el momento en que se encuentra la evolución de la epidemia de Ébola en Sierra Leona, así cómo se ha vivido este proceso en los últimos meses. También os damos datos actualizados de la OMS respecto a la epidemia, y una carta del Hno Michael Koroma con las últimas noticias de la apertura parcial del Hospital de Mabesseneh.

Os invitamos a leerlo.

Tenemos una urgencia, el brote de Ébola que afecta Sierra Leona es grave y está fuera de control. Desde el Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona tenemos que ayudar a nuestro centro hermanado de Sierra Leona, el Hospital de Mabesseneh. [ Implica’t ]

Otras noticias:

Carta del Hno. Michael Koroma con noticias de la apertura parcial del Hospital de Mabesseneh. / 17-09-2014.

Dear Friends and Brothers,

I have the pleasure to announce again to all of you that our Beloved hospital, St. John of God Catholic Hospital, Lunsar Mabesseneh has recommenced rendering its usual services to the Public. This time, indeed, we have worked in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the local Government of Port Loko District to do this. During the short time we ceased operations, we quarantined 78 staff in the hospital so as to enable all of us be sure of all the staff to be free of Ebola virus infection. This we have ascertained since no staff complained of any ill health throughout this period. During the quarantined period, we carried out a thorough cleaning of the hospital and its environs and try to make as much as possible a safer environment for the Patients. In doing so, we changed all the Mattresses, bedsheets, painted all the wards both in and outside, replace some couches, , etc… We have also instituted and Infection Prevention and Control Unit and an Ebola Prevention store or ware house which will soley cater for supplies to promote Infection prevention and control in the hospital.
We have assigned 2 staff to be responsible for infection prevention and control and 1 staff responsible for the stores. We also embarking on progressive weekly sensitization as from next week to the staff so as to keep them in the spirit of Infection prevention and control. We have started using the Observation Unit to isolate any Ebola suspected case. We have also instituted rigorous screening points for all entrants into the hospital and especially patients for consultations. We have also established a triage point for the patients before consulting with a medical officer. With regards to Surgery, we have commenced surgery only to Emergency Obstetrics, acute abdomen and elective case confirmed by the MD. We are yet to be sure before accepting chronic conditions both at OPD and IPD. in such events, we refer to the district hospital eventhough we are not sure of them getting attention.
On Monday, 8th September, the Local Government president, the District medical Officer and the Paramount Chief of Marampa witnessed the formal declaration of an Ebola free Institution ready again to serve the people with regular Health Care services.

My dear friends and Brothers, if not because of your enormous support both financially, materially and spiritually, we would not have reached this stage. be rest assured that the Hospital continues to serve its people. We are greatful to each one of you for your tremendous support in whatever manner to help us attain a level of standard in the Hospital setting in order to face this EBV outbreak,

I continue to ask for your support in order for us to offer a subsidize service charge to the people because the economic challenge of the country is preventing many sick persons to have access to health care now. In particular in the zone where we are working, Free health Care for Children and Pregnant and lactating women is not provided by the Government so we are obliged to demand for users fees. At this time, it will be hard for the most vulnerable people. What can we do together. These people need us more now.

I thank especially the Barcelona team both the hospital and the Nursing school, Br. Fernando, Br. Jesus Etayo, our Prior general and his team in Rome, Br. Bartholomew Kamara, our Provincial Superior and his team in Accra, Manos Unidas, Spain, Nils and Dr. Fridjoff from GLOBAL LAB in Germany, Mr. Victor Bangura from the USA, Torsten and Vanessa from the Uk and their team, CORDAID from Netherlands, Br. Leopold from Nairobi, Fr. Natalio, from Makeni Diocese, Doctors friends from Padova, Italy, Friends of Sierra leone (ONLUS) from Italy, Fr. Albert from the USA, Aragon Province, Beatica ProvinceJohn Mitchel and David from the St. John of God Development Company and hospitaller Brothers Holland, Wetsren European Province from Ireland, John Pepper from Hospitaller Ministries Ireland, Misean cara from Ireland, Juan Ciduad from Spain, Br. Moise Martin Bosca, International Coperation office from Rome, Catholic Relief Services Sierra leone, the Ministry of Health in Sierra Leone, Mr. Edmond koroma, Financial secretary of the Ministry of Finance, Sierra Leone, Pelligro, the Spanish lady, a friend of the Brothers and may others who in diverse ways have helped us.

I pray that with the current progress of measures put in place by the Government, we shall combat and bring to an end the spread of this fatal disease. From the 19 -21, September, there will be a no go out in the whole country. We shall participate in collaboration with the local health authorities to assess from house to house search of sick persons.

We hope to finance this situation with your donations by giving medical care to all those who will visit our Hospital on those three days so as to reduce the menace of death from other regular health conditions especially amongst children and women.

Thanks again and we hope to hearing from each of you.

Bye for now
Br. Michael M. Koroma
Hospital Manager

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