Evolución del Ébola en Sierra Leone y últimas noticias de nuestro hospital

Evolución del Ébola en Sierra Leone

Tabla de cifras facilitadas por la OMS y gráfico de la evolución.

Hemos actualizado la gráfica sobre la evolución de la epidemia de Ébola en Sierra Leone. También os facilitamos algunos datos de Liberia y os reproducimos literalmente una carta del Hno. Michael con la última hora de nuestro hospital en Mabesseneh.

Documento resumen con las medidas adoptadas en nuestro hospital de Mabesseneh tras la reunión de responsables del pasado 14 de julio.

A continuación os reproducimos literalmente la carta enviada hoy mismo por el Br. Michael con la información de última hora relacionada con la epidemia y que afecta más directamente a nuestro hospital de Mabesseneh:

Good morning Br. Fernando,
Greetings from Lunsar.
The situation in the hospital is calm. We are still putting in place the remaining measures that will help us identify any suspected Ebola case at the OPD. The renovation of the observation unit is almost completed. We have ore financed the procurement of basic PPEs and we are going to buy more. The staff are very satisfied and happy and feel much safe now. They have taken the outbreak serious than before.
We shall continue like now for a period then we will lift some of he measures taken. For now we receive no collaboration from the Ministry and yesterday Fromm BBC the government admitted that the health workers are neglecting to follow the universal precautions but the truth is that the PPEs are not provided. So now the other staff are threatening to go national strike for special allowances and provision of the PPEs.
The Kenema government hospital has been abandoned by the other non Ebola patients after the death of four nurses two days ago. If the nurses go on strike, we shall expect an increase work load here and that is why we have to be more vigilant and strict with the measures.
The patient attendance has dropped drastically and this will affect our income and we are worried to be able to meet salary payment for August although we have reduce unnecessary expenses as we are focussing on the clients comfort and quality care presently. So we shall complete the mattress covers, but chairs for the relatives per bed and ensure that the tools are there to give quality care to our Clint’s. The rest we shall consider later. So far we are going on well apart from these few issues. Aminata is at home like the others. During this week, we are planning to talk to the people of lunsar via the radio in order to seek their collaboration and defend the interest if the Order. The people perception is that we are identifying Ebola cases and keeping them here which is not true. So we need to educate them.

Have a nice day
Michael M. Koroma

En cuanto a Liberia os facilitamos las últimas cifras de la OMS sobre la epidemia y que afectan directamente a nuestro hospital St. Joseph’s de Monrovia, según manifiesta el Hermano Patrick Shamdze en una carta publicada en su página web:

  • 15-17 de julio:
    Casos totales: 196 de los que se han confirmado 76.
    Muertes totales: 116 de las que se han confirmado 54.

Tenemos una urgencia, el brote de Ébola que afecta Sierra Leona es grave y está fuera de control. Desde el Hospital Sant Joan de Déu Barcelona tenemos que ayudar a nuestro centro hermanado de Sierra Leona, el Hospital de Mabesseneh.

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