Carta de despedida de Br. Peter L. Dawoh (en inglés)

Br. Peter L. Dawoh

Thanks a million…

My Dearly Beloved Friends,
I write to inform you all about my new assignment and introduce my Successor. As you might have known, after the Provincial Chapter in May, 2014, a restructuring system of the province was adopted by the brothers and co-workers of the province to which, some changes to suit the present needs of the mission were exhibited. It was based on this that I moved to a new Mission: St. John of God Community Health Centre-Lungi Sierra Leone as soon as possible while Br. Michael M. Koroma assumes the responsibilities as the Chairman of The Management Advisory Board and in Charge of the Mission’s Activities in Sierra Leone. He will be based in Lunsar.

On this note, I express my profound gratitude of thanks and appreciation to each and everyone of you for the tremendous support you accorded me during all these years of successful services to my people. You were really wonderful, Instrumental and Supportive in enabling me touch the lives of many people through the hospital, school and clinic. I pray we meet again. Thanks a million.

It is my fervent appeal you continue to render this same support to Br. Michael M. Koroma so that our mission will continue to render her life giving services to our people. You could easily reach him via:
Once more thanks a million and God Luck.
Yours In Christ,
Br. Peter L. Dawoh

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