Nos llegan buenas noticias de Mabesseneh

El Hno. Michael nos informa que, aunque los datos del Covid-19 crecen, lo hacen de forma muy lenta y poco significativa, y nos abren cierta esperanza de la pandemia que se pueda controlar. De todas formas hay que estar vigilantes y no se puede bajar la guardia ni relajarse. La actividad del centro se mantiene estos últimos días, pero en junio ha caído a una cuarta parte en relación con el año pasado por las mismas fechas.

  • High delegation from the United Nations Funds for Population Activities(UNFPA)
  • High delegation from the United Nations Funds for Population Activities(UNFPA)

También nos da la buena noticia de la visita de UNFPA (organismo de las Naciones Unidas encargado de la salud sexual y reproductiva, para que todos embarazos sean deseados y los partos sean seguros) que quiere colaborar con el hospital con la financiación de un obstetra/ginecólogo, cuatro parteras y tres enfermeras cualificadas (SRN).

La Fundación Healey (USA), a través de Caritas Freetown, ha donado al hospital 480 bolsas de 10 kilos de arroz para ayudar al personal y a la población menos favorecida de la región y que ha quedado más afectada por la crisis económica ocasionada por la pandemia y que no se pudo atender en su momento.

  • 480 Bags of 10 kg of rice from Healey Foundation

A continuación publicamos la carta íntegra del Hno. Michael en su formato original:


Good morning to all our Friends, Partners and Benefactors,

The situation of covid-19 spread and containment still remains the same. The number keeps on increasing. As at yesterday,27th June, 2020, Sierra Leone recorded 16 new cases giving a total of 1410 confirmed covid-19 cases in the country. 937 have recovered and 414 still admitted in Covid-19 treatment centers and 59 deaths.

In our catchment area, we have still not recorded any new case. We continue to be vigilant. At the moment, the hospital remains to be very safe as the covid-19 preparedness measures enforcement continue to be ongoing. The patient attendance is gradually increasing though still below the expected target. From 1-24th June, 2020, our OPD attendance stood at 539 as compared to 2000 monthly. Nevertheless, the hospital continues to function normally and serve the neediest persons amongst the number stated. Pregnant women and suckling mothers continue to benefit from the services provided. All the staff and their respective families are doing fine. We have 109 staff at the hospital, 7 at the Clinic and 10 at the Nursing School. The rest have been laid off or asked to wait.

On 22nd June, 2020, the hospital was visited by a high delegation from the United Nations Funds for Population Activities(UNFPA). This visit was cumulated with appraisals of readiness to provided maternal services within the context of covid-19. Though we do not provide Family planning services which is key for UNFPA supported partners, consideration has been given to our hospital which has invested so much in maternal health activities which impressed the country representative. We shall embark on providing the natural family planning services whilst supporting the public health centre to provide the artificial services. UNFPA has offered to adopt our facility to serve as a centre for Gender Based Violence services provider to victims and promoter against it and cervical cancer screening and diagnosis. With all this, UNFPA shall be providing funds for the maternal health service to be provided at free cost to pregnant women at the Outpatient and delivery. The Organisation shall pay for a gynecologist and Obstetrician, 4 midwives and 3 registered nurses, support with essential drugs and PPEs and basic equipment for live saving. Training is also an additional support. This is in pursuance of our Founder St. John of God who keeps on begging for the poor people at anytime and anywhere.

On 27th June, 2020, we also received a consignment of 480 Bags of 10 kg of rice from Healey Foundation, a US based organization through Caritas Freetown. This has enabled the hospital relieve her staff from the current hunger going on in the country and economic insufficiency. We provided 30Kg of rice to each staff of the three Institutions. Thanks to St. John of God for making a way for us as we highly need rice to help many poor around us. The population in our catchment area are dying without been noticed. Families are hungry but we as a hospital do not have resources to help them. We hope to receive a call from a good will benefactor who will respond to the need of these many poor around us whom we could not help.

We pray that our good Lord will continue to protect all of us participating in the hospitaller mission from this infectious disease throughout this period so that we may continue to serve humanity fully.

Submitted by:
Br. Michael M. Koroma
Hospital Director

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