Actualización de los datos de la pandemia Covid-19 en Sierra Leona

Preparativos en el Sanit John Catholic Hospital de Mabesseneh ante la posible escalada de la pandemia por Covid-19
Sanit John Catholic Hospital de Mabesseneh

En la última carta que nos envía el Br. Michel nos informa sobre las actividades externas e internas del hospital en su ayuda para implantar las medidas higiénicas preventivas para mantener, en la medida de lo posible, la seguridad tanto de los pacientes como del personal sanitario. También hace mención el final de la campaña de repartición de mosquiteras en los centros de primaria y la ayuda de CHASL (Christian Health Association, Sierra Leone) al centro.


Government of Sierra Leone / Covid-19 Update
Government of Sierra Leone / Covid-19 Update

Las cifras de afectados crece lentamente por lo que el pánico inicial en la población va desapareciendo gradualmente. La población empieza a ir al hospital más confiada, aunque lamenta que no se mantengan las normas preventivas solicitadas por el gobierno en la vida diaria de la gente, como es el no usar la mascarilla en público a pesar de las recomendaciones.

Carta íntegra del Br Michel en su formato original:

Good morning to all our Friends, Partners and Benefactors,

The situation of covid-19 spread and containment still remains the same. The number keeps on increasing and some days the numbers are low. As at yesterday,21st June, 2020, Sierra Leone recorded 18 new cases giving a total of 1327 confirmed covid-19 cases in the country. 788 have recovered and 484 still admitted in Covid-19 treatment centers and 51 deaths.

Around Lunsar town or Marampa Chiefdom, we have not recorded any more new case as well as in Lungi town or Kaffu Bullom Chiefdom. However, the hospital continues to promote adherence to the national health preventive measures amongst the population. The hospital has provided hand washing equipment and liquid soap to the markets and lorry parks within Lunsar town, the hospital forms part of the Chiefdom Covid-19 Emergency Operation centre which works in line with the district operations centre.

Within the hospital, the internal covid-19 regulations intensify the National protocols established already. The staff Infection, prevention and Control committee have been established which previously was only one focal person; the hospital covid-19 committee continues to monitor and regulate the compliance behavior of staff and patients’ relatives. We have not yet for the past three weeks identified any covid-19 suspects. During this period, the hospital Primary Health Unit have completed the Mosquito nets distribution campaign. The level of fear of covid-19 has dropped by over 70% as this can be visible in the refusal of persons putting on face masks in public contrary to the regulations of the government, the number of patients visiting the Out Patient consultations increasing from 5 to 26 average daily.

The missionary Brothers are very determined to collaborate with the co-workers to ensure the hospital remains safe for our clients and everybody’s hands are on deck to promote compliance. Our network, CHASL(Christian Health Association, Sierra Leone) has supported the hospital and clinic with IPC training and some logistics and essential equipment such as Baby warmer, 4.5KvA generator, Delivery sets, Ceasarian Section set, and others. We are grateful to the network.

The hospital continues to liaise with her partners to seek funding for specific projects that would help cushion the activities of the hospital so as to meet the expected needs of our population which are non-covid-19 suspects. The hospital continues to provide the non-covid-19 essential health services and Primary Health Care services to the population.

We pray that our good Lord will continue to protect all of us participating in the hospitaller mission from this infectious disease throughout this period so that we may continue to serve humanity fully.

Submitted by:
Br. Michael M. Koroma
Hospital Director

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