Landslide flood in Sierra Leone

Landslide flood in Sierra Leone

Landslide flood in Sierra Leone

Compartimos con vosotros la información que nos ha enviado el Hno. Michael M. Koroma sobre el alcance del corrimiento de tierras por las lluvias torrenciales que han afectado estos días a la capital de Sierra Leona, Freetown. También nos detalla la situación de los centros de la Orden en Sierra Leona.

Dear All,

It was in the early hours of Monday, 14th August, 2017 when a speculated land slide took places on the hills of Freetown. It is estimated that a 1.62 hectare soil cut from Mount Sugar loaf and covered 3.62 hectare and 21.62 hectare potential to roll.
At bout 12 midnight of Sunday, a heavy downpour of rain occurred which lasted for about 5 hours during the night.

The cut led to a terrible release of rocks, mud and water flow from the rains which rushed down several populated communities below the Mount Sugar Loaf below the Guma Valley Water company right down towards Lumley and the sea. This area is populated over 5000 people.

Currently, the government is reporting about 400 dead and 600 missing but the possible figure of expected death toll should be around 3000 or more, from sources very credible.

The Government of Sierra Leone in her plan has established an Emergency response Committee soliciting for generous support to help the survivors. As Priority, they have started registering the survivors from the respective affected communities, meanwhile, they have planned to do mass burial today, 17 and 18 August, 2017 for those whose bodies have not been identified in the mortuary.

The President also declared 7 days mourning country wide from yesterday. The Ministry of Health has also set up medical centers to provide first aid to the survivors. Excavation Work is still going on to find any more dead bodies.

The Government has also announced yesterday that there is another crack on the mountain and has asked the all residents of the disaster prone communities to temporally relocate and if not they will be forced to do so. The Government is also raising funds now to provide relief and relocate the affected victims.

The St. John of God Hospital is 2 hours away from the incident and no staff or  rother’s relative is affected to my knowledge on Wednesday yesterday. The clinic is just across the Ocean in Lungi and its also safe. The Hospitaller Brothers donated 50 new Blankets, 10 camp beds and 10 floor mats towards the providsion of relief of the survivors.

Let’s pray for the dead but more so for the survivors as this tragedy is considered the worst in 24 hours in the history of Sierra Leone.

Thank you all for your attention.

Michael M. Koroma
(FAWCN, MScN, BSc(Hons)N, RGN.)
St. John of God Catholic Health Services
Sierra Leone

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