Cartas del Hno. Michael y del Hno. Bartholomey con las últimas informaciones del hospital de Mabesseneh

Visita del Cardenal Turkson

Visita del Cardenal Turkson a su llegada a Sierra Leona

Os reproducimos las cartas del Hno. Michael y del Hno. Bartholomey al Hno. Fernando con las últimas informaciones del hospital de Mabesseneh con algún atisbo de noticias esperanzadoras. En la carta del Hno. Bartholomey se hace especial mención de la visita del Cardenal Turkson, enviado del Papa Francisco para ver sobre el terreno los dos países más castigados por la epidemia de ébola y apoyar a las organizaciones católicas que luchan en primera línea con las poblaciones afectadas.

Good morning Br. Fernando,

Season greetings. As I write to you this morning, the sporadic situation as improved greatly in Lunsar and Marampa Chiefdom. Thanks to the interventions and influence of the St. John of God Brothers. The infection rate is gradually decreasing in this zone.

For the hospital, we have prepared ourselves and the triage is still undergoing improvement by OXFAM who are constructing fixed water
tanks(3) and IMC who are trying to complete the Sewage and waste structure.

The African Union medical and nursing team are engaged with us since last week when the Ministry of Health assigned 7 of them to us(2 doctors, 4 nurses, 1 lab. technician and 1 data specialist). They had a week training session with our staff again, whilst waiting to complete the water tank at the triage.

In conclusion, I think we may open by next week which I think we shall all be satisfied with the IPC structures in place within the hospital.

The holding centre is going on very well. So far, we have discharge 16 patients, 4 dead and transferred 4 positive cases. The staff there are doing well. The government is supporting us through this centre a lot.
We are happy to have this centre with us.

We continue to provide food for the quarantine homes in Lunsar and we started last week in Lungi. In Lungi, the situation is on the rising.
There we have adopted 15 households.

The Provincial Superior is here with us for 10 days.

Ok. Br. I hope to hearing from you.

Have a nice day.
Regards, Br. Michael

Dear Bro. Fernando

Greetings from Liberia, I arrived here on Thursday the 18th of This month after I ended my visit from Sierra Leone from the 7th December to the 18th December. Everybody was happy for the visit because the visit brought hope and motivation to the brother and the co workers. Michael and others are doing a great job for the quarantine homes.

A day before I left for Monrovia, Cardinal Turkson from the Vatican together with Fr. Bob vitriol visited the Catholic Church in Sierra Leone and for the Makeni priests and religious, we hosted them so it was a great honor for us to host the cardinal they departed shortly after a cocktail drink for Lungi.

So the mission is very much alive in Sierra Leone. Our hope is that the hospital to be reopen so that they can start to treat non Ebola cases and they are working on it as you know due to past experiences a lot of protocols are considered and a lot of training but as you know Michael is on top of issues so please let’s continue to support them because they are really making a lot of efforts.
And I thank you all for the continuous support for the mission in Sierra Leone.

I wish you all a merry Christmas I hope to spend mine in Liberia with the brothers.

Bro. Bartholomew

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