Información directa de Sierra Leona Hno. Michael Koroma / Update of Ebola outbreak in Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone

Detalle de una pintura de la Capilla de la Casa de los Hermanos en el Hospital de Mabesseneh

The President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, in his address to the nation last night 1st July, 2014, declared EBOLA outbreak as REAL in Sierra Leone.

He highlighted the following:

  1. That the disease outbreak is a National fight
  2. Thus all must be involve both local partners and International partners.
  3. He recommended door to door sensitization and food subsidy in Kailahun and kenema districts.
  4. He has approved the disbursement of 8billion S.leones to support the campaign against the spread of the EBOLA disease.
  5. He has approved the creation of referral centres in koidu and Daru.
  6. He has approved establishment of treatment centres in Kailahun and Kenema
  7. He has approved observation Units in all health facilities in the country.
  8. He has approved an additional training of 150 volunteer health personnel added to the 450 already trained.
  9. He has established an Inter-ministerial committee and a national task force for case management, laboratory and diagnosis and logistics and communications.
  10. He has instructed that the police force enforce the Public health ordinance 1960 of our constitution which considers an offence anybody who prevent a health worker from carrying out his/her legitimate duty and any person who harbours a case suspected of the disease during this outbreak.
  11. He has instructed that the police force maintain their presence in all health facilities against violence and vandalism
  12. He has instructed that all vehicles carrying passengers from Kailahun and Kenema district be screened at every check points which have been set up for the purpose.
  13. He has banned all weekly public markets and cross border market days until further notice.

As at 1st July 2014, the fact figures which his Excellency announced concerning the EBOLA outbreak update are as follows:

  • 388 cases have been tested.
  • 199 tested cases have been confirmed positive.
  • 65 cases have been recorded dead.
  • 23 positive cases have been managed and discharged from Kenema government hospital.
  • These cases have been identified in Kailahun and Kenema districts so far.
  • The case fatality rate for Sierra Leone is 33%.

Hno. Michael Koroma

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